100 Years – 100 Metres – 10,000 Reasons
Eric Liddell’s inspiring story lives on!

Be part of the 'ERIC LIDDELL 100' Celebrations!

Love France along with Churches in France and around the world invite you to dedicate all or part of a Church service and/or an event or activity as part of Eric Liddell 100 Celebrations!

You may like to dedicate any date / time to suit you during the season of the main and para-games!

This July we mark 100 years since Eric Liddell sacrificed taking part in the Paris 1924 100 Metres qualifier in favour of going to church. His faithfulness was later rewarded with a gold medal in another race.  Eric’s story was captured in the award winning film ‘Chariots of Fire’.

Today, when asked about Eric Liddell, many people, especially those under 40 are likely to reply 'Eric who'?

On Saturday the 6th of July it will be 100 years to the day when Eric gave up a long-held dream to run in the 100 metres in the 1924 Paris Olympics. He chose to do this to be obedient to his belief that Sunday was the Sabbath - a day of rest. Rather than being on the track that day and running in the heats of the 100 metres he preached a sermon at the Scots Church in Paris.

5 days later - 11th July 1924, Eric ran in the final of the 400 metres and won Gold. You can watch that race here

One hundred years later, with the games also being held in Paris, there is an opportunity to be challenged and inspired by Eric Liddell's story, the values he led his life by, and the inspiration that comes from being exposed to the daily decisions and choices that he made.

Eric was passionate about his belief in God, his sport, his work and doing the right thing. He showed compassion for friends and adversaries alike. He upheld the highest level of integrity, even under the greatest pressures and during times of great danger.

We honour his life, we keep alive the spirit of a man who, faced with choices, chose principles over personal gain, Sundays over the spotlight.

“I have no formula for winning the race. Everyone runs in her own way, or his own way. And where does the power come from, to see the race to its end? From within. Jesus said, "Behold, the Kingdom of God is within you. If with all your hearts, you truly seek me, you shall ever surely find me." If you commit yourself to the love of Christ, then that is how you run a straight race.”

Eric Liddell

How to Get Involved with Eric Liddell 100...

The Eric Liddell 100 Celebrations provide the golden opportunity to inspire, encourage and reach out to your community with a Christian message of hope in the period before and then during the games!

There are a plethora of ideas that other people are considering doing - from organising a special church service, a fun run, a Church & Community Sports Day, a film evening, a sports-themed party, a barbecue and testimony evening, a 24-7 Prayer Relay or a children’s baton relay – to suggest just a few!!!

Love France and our partners have prepared some resources to help you to shape your service, activity or event:

Sermon Ideas | Chariots of Fire Clips | Ideas & Resources from the Eric Liddell Centre

Do let us know what you are planning! – Click Here

May the testimony and example of Eric Liddell inspire us all to approach life with the same God-given spirit of enthusiasm, humility, and faith.

Our vision is that each event will be a day to be inspired as we honour and give thanks for the life and Christian example of Eric Liddell!

Let these games in Paris begin!